• SuperRare 2.0 brings a decentralized future to artists

  • The art marketplace, SuperRare, is embarking on a massive upgrade of its art curation platform. After three long years of dedicated work, it has put control firmly in the hands of the community.

    Dubbed SuperRare 2.0, a series of improvements aim to secure the platform’s future. In the spirit of progressive decentralization, SuperRare is launching a series of activities that will hand over management to the community. The cornerstone of this evolution is the introduction of $RARE governance tokens. A platform-wide voting mechanism will usher in a new era for the NFT market.

    Combined with the $RARE token and governed by its inherent governance, SuperRare is introducing three key platform enhancements. To this end, DAO governance, independently curated storefronts and sovereign smart contracts are all coming to the platform.The DAO will make key decisions about SuperRare, and the Governance Board will be responsible for enforcing those decisions.

    In addition, to reward them for their loyal support, SuperRare will airdrop a total of $150,000,000 in RARE tokens to the community. Essentially, this airdrop will include anyone who contributes to SuperRare before July 20, 2021. This includes, among others, artists, curators, and buyers.

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