• SuperRare (RARE) prices soar over 140% in a week

  • RARE’s price has jumped over 140% in the last 7 days.

    SuperRare is a platform for selling NFT.

    The world of digital assets often fascinates us. Moreover, the token has left us standing still, amazed at its progress. Now, it looks like we’re at that point again.RARE, a native token of the SuperRare ecosystem. In the last 24 hours, RARE’s price has jumped over 10%

    Today, the token is trading at $2.90, down from its highest price of $3.29 in 24 hours. Overall, it has grown by more than 140% in the past week.

    SuperRare is a platform for selling NFT. In addition, the platform has some fantastic websites and some of the most creative NFT artists in the world. The biggest news, however, is that SuperRare recently launched its own token, which gave 150 million tokens as a giveaway.

    Moreover, SuperRare is a leading NFT platform that decentralized its model by launching its token creations. Currently, token holders can vote on a new community-run gallery known as Space SuperRare.

    SuperRare itself is one of the leading platforms for the tokenization of NFT artwork on the ethereum blockchain. The platform announced that it has taken steps to decentralize the project. To do this, SuperRare has launched a new rare creation token for community governance and also decentralized autonomous organization.

    In addition, SuperRare will empower token holders to vote on the new community-run space, which allows more artists to join the platform. Thus, each RARE acts like a custom storefront for an operator chosen by the community space operator.

    With upcoming developments and upgrades within the ecosystem, the platform will soon reach new heights.

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