• SushiSwap’s Shoyu Showcase Event Officially Begins: tapping into the power of the Metaverse

  • SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that became popular last year and will enter the unforgeable token and metaspace. It will do this by releasing a platform that aims to combine the best of both worlds with an initial V0 campaign that will last 10 weeks.

    Shoyu comes to life

    The name of the new initiative is Shoyu and the official launch date is November 3. This is just five months after the initial proposal was posted on the SushiSwap forum.

    After an ongoing selection period of several weeks by the Shoyu curation team, a number of artists will have the opportunity to submit their digital artwork on the new NFT platform. Some of the popular names that will be involved in casting digital artwork will include Robert Gallardo, INJURY, Nicholas Sassoon, Thom Mayne and Keyon Christ.

    The team promises that Shoyu will be fully compatible with the entire Sushi ecosystem. As such, it should become “one of the first art marketplaces to combine the world of art with the technological innovations of decentralized finance.”

    More than just the next NFT platform

    After a phenomenal growth in the NFT industry since the start of 2021, leading to countless new platforms striving to capture market share, SushiSwap decided to take the bold step of combining uncounterfeitable tokens with the surging popularity of the metaverse space.

    As such, Shoyu aims to “elevate” from the more traditional web-based NFT market to a serene 3D metaverse experience available for mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop and VR headsets. Its gallery will enable artists to create a multi-sensory installation – displaying two-dimensional images in a high-definition, three-dimensional world. In addition, it will be able to render 3D sculptures and models in their entirety.

    “With support for a range of file types, including image, audio, video and 3D rendering (GLB/GLTF) projects, and a maximum file size of over 500MB, NFT art will finally be displayed in Shoyu as close to the artist’s vision as possible – no more long load times for pixelated approximations of your art. – The announcement reads.

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