• Tai Lopez NFT Collection To Give Holders Exclusive Access Benefits

  • Tai Lopez NFT Collection gives access to all exclusive Mentor Social Club as well as claim to provide a whole lot of benefits. The American motivational speaker is also giving a chance to win a bored ape to the early holders of his NFT collection.

    The early mint for whitelist members will begin on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 8 p.m. GMT. Following that, the public launch will take place at originalgarage.com.

    Tai Lopez NFT Collection: Explore the long list of benefits with the drop.

    Tai Lopez’s NFT collection is called “OG (original garage) Social Club”. This NFT collection comprises three tiers.

    Silver “Mentorship” cards (Tier 1)
    Gold “Mastermind” cards ( Tier 2)
    Black “1 on 1 Mentorship” cards (Tier 3)
    Let’s discuss the detail of each tier in brief.

    • 1) Tier 1 Silver

    Basically, the Tier 1 cards consist of two Silver Editions.

    To begin the price of NFT belonging to this category is 0.1 ETH for March 4th Whitelist. This is to note that the supply is limited to 8000 NFTs.

    Talking about the utility, Silver Edition Cards will give free access to OG Social Club exclusive courses. A few examples of the topics of courses include “Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind”, “How to build your personal brand”.

    Whereas the Silver Edition 2 will cost 0.15 ETH with the same number of supplies. The extra benefits apart from Silver Edition 1 include exclusive access to NFT members’ hotels, restaurants and clubs.

    Interestingly, Tai Lopez NFT Collection introduced us to World’s First NFT Members Hotel. Only the members of the NFT collection will be able to stay at the hotel. Moreover, the owners will get free tickets to Tai Lopez OGCON annual conference.

    • 2) Tier 2 Gold

    The Gold Edition have several categories of Gold Cards. Each category has a different price ranging from 1-5 ETH and gives different types of utility. All in all each Gold Card category will have a max supply of 300 or less.

    Obviously, all gold card categories include all silver utilities. In total there are 25 categories of Gold tier, Yes! that’s huge. Moreover, the list of benefits ranges from travelling in a private jet to joining a gym session with world-renowned coaches.

    • 3) Tier 3 Black

    Finally coming to the last category, the Black cards have 30 categories. Each card grants you unique one-on-one access to Tai Lopez. Furthermore, every black card category will have a maximum supply of 10 or less, with a total supply of 300 black cards. Early mint price ranges from 80 to 10 ETH reserve (dutch auction). Later mints will have a reserve of 85 to 12 ETH or more. All silver utilities and dinner the night before the OG Conference are included in all black card categories.

    Black Cards’ one-of-a-kind utility is all about sharing experiences with Tai Lopez. Everything, whether it’s a chess game or a Lamborghini drive, has a one-hour time limit. The OG Social Club NFTs will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Previously, the entrepreneur purchased Bored Ape #7899 to give it away. He tweeted, “Who wants this Bored Ape NFT I just bought for over $200,000? #7899. I’m giving it away. To enter to win join the Discord for my new “OG (original garage) social club” – my NFT members-only club & get on the whitelist.”

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