• Tainan Temple launched “Jigong NFT” across the digital economy

  • With the advent of the digital economy, even temples are catching up with the trend. In Tainan, a temple and a technology company have cooperated to issue “Jigong NFT”, a non-homogeneous token that emphasizes rarity and fun, in order to promote the spirit of Jigong’s eternal life and love. Through technological innovation, traditional beliefs are brought up to date.

    Tainan Pufa Daoji Temple held a birthday ceremony for the living Buddha, Mayor Huang Weizhe and other members of the legislature were present to participate in the grand scene.

    The ceremony celebrated the birthday of the Living Buddha, and promoted the spirit of eternal love and immortality. What’s more, the company also cooperated with technology companies to issue “Jigong NFT”, a virtual non-homogenized token.

    It is a very good aid, a marketing or promotional tool, so many temples have started to issue their NFT virtual tokens, which are an artwork and a creative product,” said Timothy Hsu, chairman of the Business Development Institute.

    Traditional folk beliefs are presented through digital art forms. The current chairman of the Business Development Institute and former Tainan mayor Hsu Tien-tsai is also quite supportive. And before the release of Jigong NFT, the living Buddha of Jigong had to be consulted.

    Tainan Pufa Daoji Temple Chairman Chuang Yung-chang said, “I hope that through Master Jigong’s spirit of helping the world, the whole world can respond to this spirit of fraternity, which is the greatest meaning.”

    Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che believes that “praying for global blessing is also a way for the people, who can have the opportunity to get to know the living Buddha of Jigong, and I think this is a very good activity.”

    Rich in religious connotations, Jigong NFT is also an alternative faith support. With the advent of the digital economy, even the temples are keeping up with the times and catching up with the trend.

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