• Taiwan internet sensation’s NFT sold out! The price has gone up 50 times

  • Miyuki, a Taiwanese, Japanese, and Hong Kong mixed-race air hostess, once won millions of fans’ appreciation on a live streaming platform in a month. The price also went up from the initial price of 0.005 ETH (about NT$330) to 0.1~0.25 ETH (about NT$16,500).

    Miyuki, with her D-cup headlights, is dressed to impress in the NFT pieces she sells. She sits on a snow-white bed sheet, with romantic long curly hair and delicate make-up. I thought it would work in the NFT world, so that’s why I tried to do it!

    But what are the benefits for the creator of NFT? In fact, there is a lot of meaning behind the purchase of NFTs. Not only can fans support their favourite celebrities, but when they become more popular in the future, the NFTs purchased by fans will also have the potential to increase in value.

    Many netizens are even considering turning their NFTs into membership credentials, combining their own characteristics with the community. ChillNoW”, a short video social media platform in Taiwan, will soon launch the “ChillNoW Winter Bikini NFT” series with a number of Taiwanese netizens on the NFT trading platform OpenSea.

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