• Taiwan’s first NFT Museum of Fine Arts Mouhang Shared Space opens with a new exhibition of international artists every two weeks

  • Taipei’s Timeless presents the first physical NFT art exhibition in Taiwan, entitled The Hope, to create a prototype and future for Taipei artists and the futuristic art community.

    Founder David Liu was inspired to create Taiwan’s first NFT gallery and artwork after being surprised to see over 80 people attend what was supposed to be a small NFT social event with around 10 friends to share their NFT collections. The result of weeks of immersion in NFT and web3 videos, articles and projects: the first NFT gallery in Taiwan.

    The NFT Gallery side will host different exhibitions that will change every 2 weeks and encourage different concepts to emerge, allowing creatives to be more inspired and reflective; the Café Lounge side offers 3 beautiful spaces where individuals can relax, work, enjoy unlimited coffee and drinks, and attend private events.

    Timeless will offer a special limited edition monthly membership for digital artists or collectors for only $1900 per month, around 10% of the WeWork price, as a tribute to the digital art community, with the intention of building an enthusiastic initial community to co-create and support the future of art in the emerging web3 world. Members of this community will have early access to Timeless’ future NFT community events.

    Timeless’ first NFT art exhibition, entitled ‘The Hope’, will run from 8 to 21 February and will feature NFT works by a variety of artists from around the world, with a common theme of helping to inspire hope for the future, with three main themes on three floors.

    Timeless Muheng, which will be launched at the end of 2021, is an NFT art gallery and café located at 270 Wenchang Street, Daan District, Taipei.

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