• Taiwan’s Top 10 Outstanding Youth Wei Ruiting releases NFT for charity, helping disadvantaged children with the proceeds

  • Taitung’s Chihshang youth farmer Wei Ruiting has taken advantage of the NFT boom and worked with aboriginal illustrator Wu Fengjun to create three pieces of public service electro-painted artwork through Taiwan’s new Owl Ting exchange.

    Awarded one of the top ten outstanding young people in the country, Wei Ruiting pioneered the introduction of blockchain technology into the rice industry. Last year, he also collaborated with emerging artist Wu Fengjun to issue a public service NFT, creating three pieces of electro-painted artwork with the theme “Breakthrough the dilemma with innovative thinking and promote Taiwan agriculture internationally”. Chung said, “I’m very happy to be able to help disadvantaged children in remote areas by bidding for artwork through NFT.”

    Wei Ruiting is the first person in Taitung to try out NFT for public welfare, raising funds for social welfare groups and using blockchain technology to make the process of raising funds for public welfare transparent, hoping that this will also raise the public’s attention to the disadvantaged groups. He said the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the classroom support classes of the Taiwan Peace of Mind Family Care Association.

    By combining innovative technology with art, Wei expects to bring the benefits of 1 plus 1 to be greater than 2. In addition to making more people aware of blockchain and the creations of new artists, it will also allow social welfare groups to have more resources to continue to promote public welfare and help more people in need, so that love can continue.

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