• Tank Wars Zone Shows Us The Gaming Capabilities of Fantom

  • The Fantom blockchain is growing rapidly, and now Tank Wars Zone is showing off the capabilities of this fantastic blockchain. Although known for DeFi, the Fantom blockchain offers an incredible route for blockchain gaming.

    Tank Wars Zone is leading the way for play-to-earn games on the Fantom network. Launching on February 15th, the unique NFT sale features 10,000 mystery boxes. These will be exchanged for tanks after the official game launch.

    Each mystery box costs $150 at the time of writing. Furthermore, each contains a tank. Additionally, these tanks come in a variety of rarities. These are common (59.23%), uncommon (22%), rare (11%), epic (5.55%) or legendary (2.22%).

    In fact, once live, the game will use three different types of NFTs that players can trade on the marketplace. These are tanks, lands and game-related items.

    Meanwhile, Tank Wars Zone is an incredibly detailed game and pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Basically, it is a play-to-earn tank battle game and features various game modes. These modes are :

    PVE – an original story mode
    PVP – Real-time top-down view 3v3
    Battle Royale – Classic last tank standing wins
    World Boss – Fight mighty bosses to earn cool NFT rewards
    Land Gathering – Purchase or acquire fantastic land plots
    Guild Wars – Team battles between different guilds made by you.

    Finally, there is a reason that many new projects are looking to the Fantom blockchain. Tank Wars Zone isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. Fantom delivers fast and secure transactions with extremely low fees. This combination makes it an excellent platform for gaming, and it is an exciting time for the Fantom blockchain.

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