• TARDX Fight Club’s NFT has landed and will invade the Senate

  • Ready to collect one of the most interoperable and exciting NFTs and invade the metaverse with full power?TARDX is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that serve as game characters, art, and NFT labs.

    So how did these creatures originate?The TARDXs have come to life after a million years of genetic engineering, questionable cross-breeding, and participation in gallery events. These ancient Earth life forms, formerly known as Hodlers, have set off into the infinite void of space to enrich and marvel.

    Each TARDX has a unique DNA and various attributes that contribute to their rarity.The TARDXs have 8 body parts, 8 combat attributes, over 1 trillion possibilities and 180 different 3D models. This collection is inspired by the characters of Hato. These space creatures flaunt bright colors and a retro look with a palette inspired by the 80’s Memphis designs that have characterized Harto’s style for the past few years.

    The TARDXs originated as 19 Genesis pieces, or originals. Each original is part of a collection with a different power and unique character. A super algorithm has been created which mixes these pieces in a random way and generates a DNA calculation for each TARDX.

    TARDX owners can switch between 2D super high quality rendering and 3D models natively on OpenSea. A TARDX costs 0.089 ETH, and each is a four-in-one NFT with encoding capabilities. Of the 10,000 limited edition TARDXs, some will be reserved for community placement and marketing, some will be reserved for backers and collaborators, and 19 will be reserved for special placement originals.

    Profits from the pre-sales will be split into three categories; artist collaborations, second generation development for breeding and AR battles, and community development and events. Ultimately, the project aims to create a symbiotic ecosystem between artists, markets and gamers, and generate a circular economy that helps artists and gamers alike.

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