• The Alison Parker Murder Video Is Turned Into An NFT In An Attempt To Claim Ownership

  • Andy Parker, the father of the murdered journalist Alison Parker, is reclaiming his daughter’s murder by creating an NFT. For the past six years, Parker has been trying to get the video of his daughter’s murder off the internet. Now, Parker created this NFT to stop social media users from sharing this horrific clip.

    The 24-year-old journalist Alison Parker was shot during a live broadcast; while she was interviewing the executive director of the local Chamber of Commerce. Videographer Adam Ward recorded the 17-second clip, which soon turned viral. Six years later, it still gets tens of thousands of views on social media.

    Andy Parker has transformed this horrific clip into an NFT. He did this to claim ownership of the video and force big tech companies like Meta and Google to delete the video. This is because while users, and not platforms, are accountable for posted material, platforms are still subject to copyright law. However, Parker faces one huge obstacle: the original video belongs to Gray Television.

    For this reason, Andy Parker has converted the video into an NFT. In fact, experts say this tactic could lead to a lawsuit against Big Tech; by alleging the video is copyrighted material. According to Moish Peltz, an intellectual property lawyer who specialises in NFTs: “Digital tokens could pose unique tests for how copyright principles apply in cases with extenuating circumstances.”

    Recently, survivors and minorities are using NFTs to reclaim harmful narratives. For example, last year, Jadu released its first hologram NFT drop to empower black artists to reclaim and monetize their work.

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