• The Astronut launches its first NFT project, “52 Eyes”

  • Artist The Astronut is entering the NFT world with a very special series.

    The Astronut is an artist with several projects (“Image from Noise”, “Nothing Personal”, “Kimono Tales”) who uses his figurative artworks to accompany and complete a very peculiar philosophical path.

    Like many contemporary artists, he is fascinated by blockchain technology and has created a personal metaspace (“Asomatic Square”) that will see the light of day in the first half of 2022.

    In the near future, however, he approached the world of NFT by creating a series of interactive digital objects called “52 Eyes.”

    These are close-up photos of many of the eyes that were chosen to be part of this project, as he explains below.

    “I’m fascinated by series-generated art projects, but I wanted to come up with something that wasn’t created by software, so I collected images I’d worked on in previous years, extrapolated the details of the eyes as a composite of the subjects, and shot new images, processing them in the same way I did with Images from Noise.”

    How ’52 Eyes’ was made and what it contains

    The Astronut himself explains the “image from noise” technique used to process these photos in his personal blog. the 3D rendered photos are included in the NFTs and will be posted weekly.

    But the real artworks are interactive digital objects that contain not only photos, but also a series of interactions embedded in each NFT. Some features are hidden, or even rare, and can only be downloaded by token holders. The object allows for a more complete and immersive experience of the artwork and is currently available from a desktop browser (as per the instructions on the official website). In the future, it will be extended to 3D browsers.

    The non-weathered tokens of the “52 Eyes” series – all unique examples – are available on the Mintable and OpenSea platforms, where full and interactive versions of each single piece can be enjoyed.

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