• The Bored Ape Yacht Club Division Gets a Taste of Fine Wine

  • In a move that absolutely no one saw coming, The Bored Ape Yacht Club is getting into the wine game. To that end, let’s introduce the boring wine company.

    In a huge move, the folks at blockchain company WiV are combining fine wine with BAYC’s collection. As a result, every member of The Bored Ape Yacht Club is eligible to order a case of primate themed wine. To make this possible, The Bored Ape Wine Company will coordinate alcohol-based transactions.

    Each NFT will represent a case of 6 bottles of wine with a specially designed label featuring the ape’s alter ego. Meanwhile, an additional 7th bottle will go into the Bored Wine Company’s cellar, reserved for future promotions. Once bottled and labelled, the case will be stored in a specialist bonded warehouse in London. However, the owner will be able to trade immediately upon receipt of the NFT.

    In order to qualify for the promotion, the owner must complete the relevant application form located on the Bored Wine website. Once received, the NFT sommelier will design the label, prepare the wine, and mint the NFT. A DM on Twitter will prompt its completion, after which the owner will have 48 hours to pick up the NFT at a flat rate of 0.3 ETH on OpenSea.

    In addition, an extra bottle of wine will be available, shipped by a third party to anywhere in the world. Finally, as an added bonus, each owner can claim an additional metaspace NFT wearable featuring a wine bottle label design.

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