• “The curator” and Binance cooperation to promote NFT! Buy doll collection, but also can be exchanged for the equivalent value of e-commerce shopping gold

  • Taiwan’s internet sensation “curator” Chen Zhihan announced a limited edition of 100 sets of NFTs in cooperation with the exchange Binance, which not only has the function of collection, but also allows users who win the first bid to receive shopping money of the same value as the bid amount.

    The NFT (non-homogenized tokens) continues to be a hot trend, not only has the value of collection and art, more and more NFT issuers are giving substantial functions, so that NFT can come into life.

    Taiwan’s netizen “curator” Chen Zhihan announced cooperation with the exchange Binance to issue “Binance X Notorious” NFT, the collection itself contains a variety of NFT works in the shape of Q curator, while the first time the user bid The collection itself contains a variety of Q-shaped NFT pieces of the curator, while the first bidder can also get the equivalent value of the bid amount of shopping money, in the curator’s e-commerce platform “Notorious” spending.

    Cooperation with Binance, users who win the bid can get e-commerce shopping money

    Binance and the curator will issue 100 “Binance X Notorious” NFTs, which will be available for bidding on the Binance NFT platform on the 12th.

    The design team used a cute and vivid style to draw the artwork, using the classic expressions of the curator to extend various character shapes and present the rich inner world of the curator in a witty and interesting way.

    In addition to the collectibles, first-time bidders (not if they resell on the secondary market) will also receive a rebate of the same value as the winning bid, which can be used on the curator’s e-commerce platform “Notorious”. If you use the curator’s referral code to participate in the user, you can also receive a gift of designated goods, the release team believes that this allows NFT to achieve virtual integration and empowerment value.

    The first release of NFT! Curator: not only the collection function

    The first release of NFT curator Chen Zhihan said that although he could not assert the subsequent technical follow-up of NFT, but believes that NFT is a trend, and therefore wants to launch a different NFT, so that fans who buy can have immediate and substantial feedback, “each NFT will give back 100% of the equivalent value of the infamous e-commerce platform shopping gold to the first bidder, hoping that Through the integration of reality and fiction, we hope to enhance the interaction with fans, rather than just purchasing an NFT collection.”

    Terry Huang, head of marketing for Binance Taiwan, said that the rapid development of NFT in recent years has surpassed the public’s imagination and made NFT the most widely known application of blockchain technology, and Binance is also actively exploring the possibilities of various NFT applications, “Our cooperation with the curator of the ‘ Binance X Notorious’ project with the curator is one of the new attempts. A joint collaboration between NFT partners and the Binance platform will work together to promote the application and development of blockchain technology in Taiwan, and also create a brand new experience for fan users.”

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