• The Eggtomatons NFTs Colonize The Metaverse With P2E Games and NFT Companions

  • What if humans tried to colonize a distant planet inhabited by strange aliens? Eggtomatons is a fascinating NFT project answering that very question! This collection of robotized human colonists is ready to take over the market with Play-to-Earn games, digital novels, and amazing companions for all NFT holders!

    What is Eggtomatons?

    Eggtomatons is a collection of 1,407 NFT avatars built on the Ethereum blockchain. Impressively, each digital asset is randomly generated using more than 250 hand-illustrated traits!

    This group of colonists may look exquisite, but they were humans just like us once. In fact, the Eggtomatons were on a quest to colonize a newly-found planet when their bodies were starting to fail. Thanks to alien technology, though, humankind was able to survive, now living in unique automaton vessels.

    Surprisingly, this was just the beginning of their adventure. Soon enough, some Eggtomatons upgraded their new bodies in order to gain more power. Their new abilities – and how they were planning to use them – divided colonists into factions.

    Some of the most fascinating characters come as Legendary NFTs. Each of these digital assets is inspired by one of the seven deadly sins, resulting in highly detailed artworks.

    Now, the Eggtomatons NFTs are ready to take over the Metaverse and you can help them out. To begin with, you can mint your own digital asset right now for 0.05 ETH on the official website!

    What perks do NFT holders get?

    To begin with, all of the Eggtomatons NFT holders will gain exclusive pre-sale access to all of the upcoming projects. In addition, owners will also receive free NFTs inspired by the Eggtomatons Origin Series!

    Impressively, this sequel consists of 7 Sci-Fi novels offered as NFTs via OpenSea. Each digital book reveals the amazing story of one Legendary NFT Eggtomatons character. The author, Justin Sloan, has written over 100 novels and worked on video games such as Tales From the Borderlands and Minecraft: Story Mode.

    For this novel series, though, Sloan has decided to involve the community too. Therefore, you can decide over the protagonist’s journey every 7-10 days based on the storyline! All you need is an exclusive Mint Pass NFT, available on the official Eggtomatons website for 0.2 ETH.

    What about the project roadmap?

    Of course, the Eggtomatons NFT roadmap is just as exciting as the artwork itself. Less than a month after launch, the team already launched the first digital novel featuring the Greed Legendary NFT character!

    In addition, project admin ZeeZee.eth, a pioneer in the digital asset trading world, started an educational Discord channel too. There, NFT holders can get exclusive insights into virtual item trading, investing, NFT security, and useful tools. Since this is a lifetime membership, community members will always be up to date with the latest tech innovations and strategies.

    Meanwhile, the Eggtomatons team is developing the tokenomics for the upcoming Play-to-Earn games! Of course, these virtual experiences will be centered around Eggtomatons NFTs and their amazing companions. That’s right – each Eggtomaton NFT holder will receive an additional Chick NFT companion for free, to maximize their in-game performance.

    By the end of 2022, project admins will release the final version of their games. In summary, this project combines unique digital artwork, metaverse utility, and virtual entertainment – all in the form of NFTs!

    If you’re ready to join this outstanding community, you can mint your own Eggtomatons NFT right now on the project website. Remember: you can still get a Mint Pass NFT to access exclusive perks too!

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