• The Gorgeous Kinkify Girl NFTs Pave The Way for a New Adult NFT Marketplace

  • If you’re looking for a gorgeous stakeable avatar NFT with Metaverse utility, the Kinkify Girl NFTs are ideal! These beautiful female collectibles open the door to an exclusive NFT marketplace, VIP events, and even real-life meetings for all holders to enjoy.

    The collection presale drops on February 12 at 4 pm UTC, and the public sale starts on February 14 at 4 pm UTC. This week, project admins also host plenty of exciting giveaways, so let’s get an insight into this unique adult project!

    What are the Kinkify Girl NFTs?

    Basically, Kinkify Girl is a collection of 4,200 female avatar NFTs. From hairstyles to outfits and accessories, each digital lady is generated using +200 hand-illustrated traits. The collectibles are all inspired by real-life career women and characters, revealing their most beautiful side.

    Of course, the project utility is just as important as the artwork itself – and the Kinkify Girl NFTs know it. For 150 MATIC (presale) / 180 MATIC (public sale), you’ll also get a bonus Sugar Daddy NFT! Notably, this digital asset is stakeable, allowing you to earn Kinkify Coins. Additionally, you can also use it to turn your Kinkify Girl NFT into a rare Sugar Baby one!

    This outstanding platform allows you to explore top adult NFT collectibles while joining a powerful community. In fact, project admins describe the platform as the “OpenSea of the adult industry!”

    This NFT collection is a perfect representation of what the marketplace will offer: high-quality digital art, Metaverse utility, and great community.

    However, that’s just one of the many perks provided by these virtual ladies, so let’s reveal them all!

    What other perks do NFT holders get?

    To begin with, every whitelisted holder of a Kinkify Girl NFT will get an additional Sugar Daddy NFT. These gorgeous digital assets can be used in two ways:

    Burn them to turn your Kinkify Girl NFT into a rare Sugar Baby digital asset;
    Sell them on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea for extra profit.
    Notably, the Kinkify Girl NFTs are also stakeable via the upcoming Kinkify Marketplace. As a result, you’ll be able to earn Kinkify Coins passively and use them to increase your revenue.

    Surprisingly, Kinkify Girl NFT holders will gain access to many adult-focused VIP events, both virtually and IRL. Thanks to the upcoming Kinkify Metaverse, community members will be able to attend digital museums, the Bordello lounge, and more artwork museums.

    In the long run, project admins will organize real-life events too, based on the NFT holders’ location.

    If you’re ready to join this unique digital adult experience, get ready to mint your first Kinkify Girl NFT on the official website. Remember, the presale starts on February 12 (4 pm UTC) and the public sale begins on February 14 (4 pm UTC)!

    Meanwhile, make sure to check out the project Twitter and Discord channel. There, you can take part in exclusive giveaways, community events, and more! For extra visuals and special NFT reveals, follow the Kinkify Girl NFT project on TikTok and Instagram!

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