• The Happy Astronauts NFTs Provide Access to an Immersive PVP Gaming Experience

  • Are you ready to explore a fascinating galaxy in the Metaverse? If so, the Happy Astronauts NFT collection is the first step to making it happen. These one-of-a-kind collectibles are the key to a Play-to-Earn experience that involves battling, building, and farming for the game’s valuable $ASTRO token.

    Luckily, Stage 2 Minting is already live, so let’s find out all about this fascinating experience!

    What are the Happy Astronauts NFTs?

    In essence, Happy Astronauts is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically-generated NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Featuring bold colors and a futuristic design, each digital asset is created using hundreds of unique traits. As a result, the collectibles come in different rarities, but they all have one goal in mind: exploring the Metaverse.

    How can you help them out? To begin with, you can mint your own Happy Astronaut NFT right now on the official website! The price per NFT is 0.08 ETH. In addition to the digital asset, you’ll also benefit from a Discoverer Metaverse NFT Badge, VIP access to future releases, as well as a future $ASTRO coin airdrop.

    All of these assets pave the way into the Astroverse – an open-world metaverse featuring top technologies in the domain.

    How does Astroverse work?

    Astroverse is an open-world adventure game that uses Happy Astronauts NFTs as its main characters. This creative experience features PVP options and cryptocurrency integration. Accordingly, all of the game’s future items (skins, weapons, etc.) will also come as NFTs, allowing users to sell and trade them for profit.

    Surprisingly, the founding team used top technologies such as UNREAL Engine 5 for a top gaming experience. Thanks to a unique proprietary system, Astroverse players will be able to enjoy the game with renowned gaming-related companies as well. For instance, just imagine being able to experience an NFT-powered PVP game through the Unity and Unreal gaming engines!

    Of course, that’s just the beginning. In fact, Astroverse is the first metaverse added to the upcoming Zolodia multiverse! This brand new virtual universe will combine entertainment, social media, gaming and trading all by the power of crypto. Based on a private L1 cross-chain blockchain network, the Zolodia hub will provide an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

    And remember, it all starts with a Happy Astronauts NFT!

    The project roadmap revealed

    Surprisingly, project admins are working to develop both the Astroverse game and the Zolodia multiverse simultaneously. By the end of Q1, Happy Astronauts NFT holders will experience both Beta versions of the Zolodia Multiverse Web Hub and the Astroverse game.

    During Q2, the team will host its first Astroverse land sale. Meanwhile, the Zolodia NFT marketplace will also launch, along with new partners.

    Then, Q3 will bring the Zolodia exchange system, as well as the mobile Beta version of the multiverse. By the end of the year, players will be officially able to enjoy the Astroverse gaming experience too! Furthermore, the team will end 2022 by launching the Beta version of the Zolodia ecosystem VR Hub.

    To conclude, the Happy Astronauts NFTs are, without a doubt, extremely valuable in terms of utility and design. These fascinating characters will guide you to a metaverse like no other – all while integrating you into the revolutionary multiverse of Zolodia.

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