• The NFT craze is on! E-commerce group UNITED RECOMMEND launches 33 Bored Monkey NFTs

  • E-commerce group UNITED RECOMMEND has announced that its subsidiary, Hodong International, will use the White Labs NFT platform to sign a contract with the owners of 33 Bored Monkey NFTs (non-homogenized tokens) to obtain IP licenses to exclusively sell limited physical goods such as 3D figures and fashion apparel, and to issue exclusive NFTs for Bored Monkey figures for the first time.

    The first of its kind is the issuance of exclusive NFTs for the Bored Ape doll. General Manager Wang Zhiren said that in the future, consumers will be able to purchase physical goods on the White Labs NFT platform and trade them on the global NFT trading platform OpenSea, creating Taiwan’s first NFT incubator in a fusion of the real and the virtual, creating an alternative “ape universe”.

    In addition, Chunfeng, the leader of Taiwan’s local rap group Nine One One, is also an NFT player and a collector of boring apes. The first Bored Ape doll signed by White Labs is based on Spring Breeze’s collection.

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