• The NPC Design Contest from The Sandbox and Ledger

  • Ledger, the mastermind behind Web3’s most popular cold wallet, is teaming up with The Sandbox to host an NPC design contest. Three winners will be selected in total, with each to receive a special edition Sandbox Ledger Nano X cold wallet, as well as have their NPC creations added as members of The Sandbox LedgerVerse.

    The contest runs from June 27th until July 11th (11:59PM CET), with the aim of the game being to design an NPC of any species, whether that be a human, animal, alien, or any other form of creatively imagined living entity.

    To submit a valid entry, contestants must make sure they follow both Ledger and The Sandbox on Twitter, as submissions will be made through posting NPC designs on the social media platform, along with a brief introduction, wherein both accounts must be tagged in the tweet.

    From here, six winners will be chosen on July 13th, with a community vote which ends on July 17th to determine which three entries will come out victorious. As with all competitions, there are a number of conditions which must be fulfilled in order for hopeful contestants to become eligible to enter. More information can be found here on the contest’s official announcement page.

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