• The Sandbox Brings MacOS Users into the Fold

  • Great news for serious young professionals and social media influencers, The Sandbox has launched its MacOS client. As a result, Apple consumers can now fire up the metaverse and join in all the Alpha fun.

    Despite its obvious handicap in the gaming sector, The Sandbox has upped its accessibility credentials by allowing Mac users to enter the server, enabling them to get going in the voxelated virtual world and stand a chance to win a share in 1000 $SAND.

    To get set up, head over to The Sandbox homepage, and click on the download link. From there on in, just follow whatever prompts Apple throws out. Then, slide into the metaverse just like a normal member of humanity, selecting an avatar of choice on the way.

    Once operational, Apple users can then boot up their trusty Macintosh and jump straight into The Sandbox Alpha Season part 2. Wherein, a whole host of fantastic puzzles, worlds and experiences await them, providing a chance to win epic prizes of NFTs and digital cash, while getting to grips with the unfamiliar world of online gaming.

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