• The Sandbox Price Surges More Than 31% in Last 7 Days

    • The high-profile partnerships boosted the prospects for SAND.
    • Snoop Dogg tweeted about his upcoming (NFT) collection.

    In the last 24 hours, Sandbox (SAND) has resisted the downward trend of the wider market. Instead, the altcoin’s recent high-profile alliances were seen by traders as evidence that the project’s fundamentals are robust, resulting in a breakout comeback.

    After rising 10.23% to $3.38 at the end of the UTC trading day on January 27th, SAND saw a further 5.42% rise to $3.57 on Friday. As a result of The Sandbox’s agreement with Snoop Dogg and Warner Music, traders chose to raise their SAND exposure.

    The Snoop Avatars

    Snoop Dogg teased his impending non-fungible token (NFT) collection, called “the Snoop Avatars,” on Jan. 27 with a teaser tweet. It’s been suggested by the rapper that his avatars will be a part of the Sandbox metaverse.

    A music theme park and performance venue will be built in the Sandbox’s metaverse with the cooperation of Warner Music. The gaming project said that Warner Music artists will be able to interact with their fans in a virtual environment and create actual cash streams as a result.

    SAND’s high-profile connections, of course, enhanced the company’s chances of attracting new customers. Due to the fact that the token serves as a means of trade, governance, and staking in the Sandbox metaverse. So, on Jan. 27, it performed better than most of its top-ranking crypto competitors.

    The crypto market gained approximately $150 billion in value between January 22nd and the peak on January 28th. When SAND hit its low at $2.56, it quickly rose to almost $4, joining other assets in their recovery.

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