• The Sandbox’s Recent Partnerships Brew Possible $5 Price Surge

  • NFT and metaverse network, The Sandbox (SAND), takes the crypto world’s center stage as it continues to expand its global reach. In detail, SAND has been seen to be partnering with some of the prominent global platforms around the world. The SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Corporation is one of the latest partnerships made by the SAND network.

    The collaboration of SHIBUYA109 and SAND aims to create an exciting environment for everyone to experience the best of the virtual worlds. Furthermore, SAND penetrates the Asian mainstream as it collaborates with Cube Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company. It will bring Korean culture to the world while operating virtual space and developing digital assets.

    In terms of market position, SAND remains to be one of the leading NFT and metaverse platforms in the space. It has a huge market cap amounting to over $3.4 billion with a 24-hour trading volume of almost $700 million. These funds circulating inside the network enable the crypto to maintain its position as one of the top 50 cryptos in the market.

    On the other hand, these aggressive performances of the crypto in the industry lately greatly impacted its market price. If this trend continues, SAND might be able to reach the high price of $5 in no time, which is just +65% away from its current position. Indeed, this news will bring excitement and craze to its community in the space.

    SAND trades at a decent price of $3.09 with a growth rate of almost +1000% in the past 12 months.

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