• The Timeless A Chairs NFTs Capture Iconic Moments in Our History

  • Nowadays, the world moves at the speed of light. Celebrations, protests, joy, and sorrow – we all experience them shockingly quickly. However, the A Chairs NFT collection has managed to capture these fascinating moments, storing them on the blockchain forever.

    What is the A Chairs NFT collection?

    In essence, A Chairs is a collection of 250 unique NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collectibles are currently available via the OpenSea marketplace for 0.03 ETH per piece.

    Take a closer look, though, and you’ll discover a series of virtual masterpieces inspired by classical paintings. Each digital asset includes a room and a chair, whereas the other elements tell a unique story.

    In fact, the fascinating traits represent key moments in our history, telling the story of our cultural, spiritual, and social evolution. Therefore, the A Chairs NFT collection features four different rarities:

    Common (100 NFTs)
    Unique (80 NFTs)
    Rare (20 NFTs)
    Super Rare (12 NFTs)

    At this moment, 161 of the collectibles have been revealed, so make sure to stay tuned for all of them! This is, without a doubt, a unique NFT series, so let’s get a closer look at the art style and inspiration.

    Artwork meaning & inspiration

    As collectors explore the outstanding collectibles, they’ll encounter iconic characters such as DC Comics’ Flash, as well as mythical creatures, protestants, and soldiers. Meaningful parts of life such as war, hunger, illness, and childhood are all approached in a creative manner with stunning attention to detail.

    Surprisingly, the A Chairs NFT collection pays homage to some of the most iconic artworks in history too. Included as hanging paintings, you’ll see Klimt’s ‘The Kiss,’ or ‘The Scream’ by Van Gogh.

    In short, these artworks have a deep emotional impact and great meaning inspired by our very own nature and history. This fascinating property gives each NFT timeless value safely stored on-chain.

    Meet the artist

    Of course, an NFT collection as complex as A Chairs could only have been designed by an experienced artist. Its creator, Supasit Thrammaprasert, graduated with a Bachelor of Decorative Arts in Thailand. His debut solo exhibition called “Dreamy Land” captured the same atmosphere as his digital assets.

    Thanks to the recent NFT boom, art collectors can now enjoy Thrammaprasert’s highly-detailed creations easier than ever before.

    In order to own a piece of this outstanding digital artwork collection, you can mint your own A Chairs NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

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