• The Web3 Comic Unity Drops Its Genesis NFT collection

  • The community-built Web3 comic project Unity has just dropped its Genesis NFT collection.

    What is Unity?

    Essentially, Unity is a Web3 comic owned and developed by its NFT community. The team – which includes professional artists who have worked on Naruto and Shonen Jump – designs the storyline. Then, the community votes on key events that will change the outcome of comics.

    The comic revolves around three main characters that also serve as pfp avatars. The first character is Slav Chung – a renowned bounty hunter who is a caring yet lazy individual. There is also Osaki Shotaro – an ambitious, hot-tempered individual who grew up with the other characters but disappeared before the night of “The Great Awakening.” Last but not least, there is So-Hee – an enthusiastic extrovert whose blood runs of a long last clan and also a gifted engineer. You can read more about the plot in their Discord.

    There will be 7,999 Genesis NFTs in total. The value of the NFT will increase with the popularity of the comic. In addition to owning a super-cool NFT, holders will become part of a community and DAO.

    What’s more, they will also earn voting rights to shape the future of the Web3 comic’s storyline. Some of these choices include; DAO voting rights; WL pass to Unity Black and other partner projects, access to metaverse concerts, and land rights on Unity’s The Sandbox plot too.

    The Roadmap

    The Unity DAO’s roadmap consists of a number of exciting events available to DAO members. As part of its roadmap, the team will hold a “Squid Game” in Decentraland for Unity members only. The team will distribute 10 ETH to Squid Game winners. Moreover, the DAO treasury will be unlocked.

    Unity will also purchase a parcel of land in The Sandbox. The land will be designed according to a scene of the comic. The DAO will own all rights and profits.

    Additionally, Unity members can attend a virtual concert in the metaverse and own exclusive project-themed merchandise. Finally, the Unity team will release the comic with a publisher and release holders’ perks.

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