• Tianjin CPPCC member Liu Xiaoguang: Proposal to promote the development of “meta-universe + cultural tourism” in Tianjin

  • “As a researcher and teacher in the field of computer science, my proposal this year is related to ‘meta-universe + cultural tourism’. This will be a brand new track that will perhaps bring new development opportunities, and is one of the hot spots I am currently concerned about in the digital economy.” Liu Xiaoguang, a member of the CPPCC and vice president of the School of Computer Science and Cyberspace Security at Nankai University, introduced.

    The 2022 Tianjin Government Work Report states that digital consumption should be enhanced, a number of new immersive, experiential and participatory digital consumption modes should be developed, and a number of new scenarios of digital applications in the field of people’s livelihood should be landed.

    Liu believes that although the development of the “meta-universe” is still in a state of exploration, the potential it can offer in the field of digital consumption coincides with the above-mentioned content of the Government Work Report.

    “The metaverse is a very important development in the field of digital applications today. In terms of technical reserves, it is already relatively mature, but the difficulty lies in how to build on this to the industrial level, about which people from various industries and fields are still figuring out.” Liu Xiaoguang said.

    Liu introduced the metaverse technology, which integrates the physical and digital worlds and is an important application scenario for the third-generation Internet. It establishes a digital living space with a new type of social system through the two-way flow of information and value. Participants in the metaverse are not only the recipients of information, but also the creators of value.

    Liu told us that currently, the main application scenarios of the metaverse include social, gaming, convention, education, cultural tourism and so on. The focus of his proposal in this conference is the combination of the elements of “metaverse + cultural tourism”.

    “Tianjin is known as ‘Tianjin Wei under the nine rivers’, and there are hundreds of A-class scenic spots within its jurisdiction, and it is also the place where many big events in modern Chinese history took place, with rich cultural tourism resources. According to the ‘Implementation Plan for Fostering the Construction of an International Consumer Centre City in Tianjin’, Tianjin’s cultural tourism industry will focus on six areas: river, sea, foreign buildings, tourism boutique, night economy and promotion. Therefore, I think there is great potential to tap into Tianjin’s cultural and tourism resources through the ‘meta-universe + cultural tourism’ model.” Liu Xiaoguang said.

    “The integrated use of new technological tools can enhance the experience, immersion and storytelling of cultural tourism resources, and in this regard, there are many potential innovative applications for ‘metaverse + cultural tourism’. For example, popular Tianjin attractions and special cultural tourism products or related derivatives can be embedded into popular metaverse game scenes or important metaverse conferences, thus driving the development of Tianjin’s cultural tourism industry.” Liu Xiaoguang introduced.

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