• Timbaland rocks the house with remixable music NFT

  • Award-winning music producer Timbaland is bringing his pioneering talent to the NFT space. Appearing on the blockchain is a collection of remixable, unfakeable highlights.

    In support of his latest EP, “Opera Noir,” Timbaland has broken down each track on the release into its component parts and immortalized those parts on the blockchain as “beats,” “hooks,” and “stems.” As a result, collectors who acquire at least two such NFTs will receive a web-based mixing application that will allow users to manipulate the music to create custom mixes.

    These musical components will arrive sporadically through auctions throughout November and December, with the first such auction arriving on November 2. In addition, anyone who picks five or more items from the collection will receive an additional full-length song NFT as a bonus. So Timbaland is enthusiastic about this new direction and the additional avenues it offers for interacting with the fan base.

    Joining Timbaland on his NFT journey is husband and wife team, Kevin and Jennifer McCoy. Kevin achieved undeniable fame by creating the “first ever” NFT “Quantum.” Now, the couple leads the blockchain company Moneygraph, which is using its state-of-the-art technology to bring this new project to life. In addition, Kevin and Jennifer are the artists responsible for providing the visuals for each NFT.

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