• Time Travel Tots NFTs’ Mint-Out Precedes Their Awesome P2E Game Launch

  • This season, The Time Travel Tots collectibles caught collectors’ eye thanks to their impressive community and roadmap. The algorithmically generated NFT collection is among the very few drops to achieve a slow and steady mint-out over a few weeks. This amazing achievement proves just how powerful the project’s community truly is – and this is just the beginning!

    From Play-to-Earn mechanics to great graphics, we’ll explore all about this promising project created by the Black Sheep Social Club.

    First things first, though: What is Time Travel Tots?
    What are the Time Travel Tots NFTs?

    In essence, Time Travel Tots is a collection of 7,777 unique digital assets. In terms of design, these avatars are algorithmically generated from +150 hand-illustrated traits.

    What makes these colorful Tots NFTs so valuable?

    To begin with, NFT holders get a free mint pass to the project’s two upcoming drops. In addition, there are plenty of exclusive giveaways, P2E games, and more!

    For example, the Time Travel Tots founders recently hosted a 5-hour virtual party via Discord. There, over 400 attendees enjoyed games, music, and prizes worth 5 ETH in total!

    Of course, that’s just a glimpse of the amazing Black Sheep Social Club – so let’s get an insight.

    What is the Black Sheep Social Club?

    Basically, Black Sheep Social Club is a community of NFT and crypto collectors and traders. There, NFT enthusiasts can learn and grow together, sharing their tools and knowledge.

    Nevertheless, BSSC also offers long-term value to every member through its powerful DAO. Of course, each Time Travel Tots NFT holder automatically receives DAO voting rights.

    Surprisingly, this is just the beginning of an outstanding digital journey. Throughout 2022, the team will launch 3D collectibles, real-world events, and more – so let’s check out the project roadmap.

    The project roadmap revealed

    At this moment, the Time Travel Tots NFT collection is sold out. To celebrate, the team already auctioned off five Time Travel Tots NFTs. The funds generated will go to wildlife conservation non-profits in South-East Asia.

    Throughout Q2, the project admins will drop two additional NFT collections. Luckily, Tots NFT holders will benefit from free minting! Stepping into Q3, the BSSC DAO will officially launch. In addition, the team will also drop its first 3D collectibles.

    The most exciting part of the roadmap is undoubtedly the project’s P2E game launch! This virtual experience allows holders to have fun while earning ERC20 tokens. As a result, the Time Travel Tots NFTs will become increasingly valuable over time!

    In the long run, community members will enjoy real-world events and more Metaverse innovations.

    To conclude, the Black Sheep Social Club is a powerful, community-driven project with an ambitious roadmap.

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