• Timeless Ape Club: NFT Collectibles for Watch Lovers Hits the Blockchain

  • Amid a flurry of NFT collectibles hitting the blockchain, the Timeless Ape Club stands truly apart. After all, it is bringing together ape NFTs and luxurious watches under a single roof. What’s more, the project will giveaway $350,000 worth of watches as it unlocks each milestone in its roadmap!

    Timeless Ape Club’s pre-sale is all set to go live at 1 pm UTC on February 3. If you want to mint these uber-stylish apes for 0.07 ETH, make sure to get in on the pre-sale whitelist. The public sale for the project is scheduled to be 48 hours after the pre-sale, and the NFT will cost 0.1 ETH during the public sale.

    What is Timeless Ape Club?

    Timeless Ape Club is a collection of 8888 unique, algorithmically generated Timeless Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is an exclusive club uniting watch fanatics across the globe, helping them to buy, sell, and trade watches with other apes.

    “Our core mission is to bridge the physical world and the virtual metaverse with our exclusive NFT collection,” the project notes on its website.

    Timeless Ape Club not only gives collectors a chance to chat with like-minded people but also gives them access to real-life events. The project offers a slew of other benefits as well. For instance, all Timeless Ape holders can mint Baby Timeless Apes for free. Another perk is a merchandise store featuring limited-edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies. Once the store goes live, all the proceeds will go into the community wallet. A watch community in the metaverse is another exciting benefit! But, the highlight of the project is the giveaway of watches worth $350,000.

    Watch giveaways worth $350,000!

    Timeless Ape Club’s exclusive watch giveaways start right from the presale. The first 1000 Timeless Ape holders get a chance to win three Tudor Blackbay/Pelagos as well as Ultra Rare Legendary Apes. Once 25% of the apes are sold out, the project will give away five Classic Rolex Datejust watches to the holders of the first 2222 Apes. To celebrate 50% sales, the project will giveaway another five Rolex Datejust watches. What’s more, Timeless Apes will also make their debut on billboards in New York City!

    To mark the 75% milestone, Timeless Ape Club will giveaway one coveted Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and a bundle of Rolex Submariners. Besides, as a project that believes in giving back to society, it will also donate $20,000 to a charity voted by the community members.

    The giveaway of a Patek Phillippe Nautilus, worth $200,000, steals the show! Once the NFT collection is completely sold out, one lucky Ape holder will have a chance to win the biggest watch giveaway in the NFT space.

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