• TIMEPieces collaborates with FOTO, a photography NFT group

  • TIME Magazine’s Web3 Community Project, TIMEPieces, recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with FOTO, an NFT artist collective founded by eight world-renowned photographers. The collective was formed to create a community and opportunity for artists to grow their careers through NFTs.

    As part of the partnership, TIMEPieces will now own the rights to artwork cast for two FOTO vaults. These artworks will be integrated into the TIMEPieces ecosystem in the coming months. There will also be a dedicated FOTO community for photographers on TIMEPieces’ Discord channel.

    FOTO includes two libraries with 24 artworks and a community of over 450 artists, technologists and collectors. These photographers include Alejandro Cartagena, Ben Strauss, Cath Simard, Dave Krugman, Isaac “Drift” Wright, J.N. Silva, John Knopf, and Ravi Vora.

    “We are thrilled to welcome the FOTO artists and community to the TIMEPieces family. By coming together, our shared vision allows us to create an innovative, inclusive, and disintermediated future that leverages technology for creativity, collaboration, and mutual benefit in the art world,” said Keith A. Grossman, President of TIMEPieces.

    TIMEPieces recently launched its Genesis series, titled “Building a Better Future.” Featuring 40 artists and 4,676 artworks, the collection sold out in minutes and was ranked #1 on OpenSea.A whitelist of TIMEPiece holders and community members will receive an NFT from 12-year-old CryptoArt star Nyla Hayes on November 17.

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