• Tina Turner NFT: Upcoming Collection Features Her Famous Versace Dress

  • American-Swiss singer Tina Turner’s NFT collection will be released on November 30.The NFT collection will feature some of her most iconic tour outfits. Interestingly, Tina Turner’s popular Versace Dress will form the highlight of the collection.

    Celebrity stylist Wayne Scot Lukas and the late Gianni Versace designed the dress, which is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

    Tina Turner’s NFT collection

    The upcoming NFT collection by Tina Turner includes 111 photos of supermodel Kara Younger in her dress. In addition to this, the NFT collection includes unique sketches and notes from Lukas and Versace. In addition, the NFT collection will also feature a chapter from Lukas’ upcoming memoir on the origins of the dress, titled “A Simple Test.”

    In addition, NFT company ViciNFT will host a public sale at NFT BZL. The sale will continue throughout Miami Artwork Week, beginning November 30.

    On a positive note, some proceeds from the sale will benefit charities such as Christy Turlington’s Every Mom Counts and the No Campaign.

    The history of her famous dresses

    In a recent interview, Lukas mentioned that Tina’s dress was late for her Paris show. In addition, she even needed a police escort to get to her venue.

    However, the dress sparked some rift between Lukas and designer Donatella Versace哲 about the credit of the dress.

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