• TK donates a large portion of the proceeds from the huge X-Copy sales to NFT artists.

  • This week, renowned visual artist and collector Oficinas TK made a generous gesture that will change the lives of CryptoArtists. In the true spirit of the NFT and the community, he sold one of his highly prized and most coveted assets and will use the funds generated to license other artists.

    His treasured X-COPY original “Bad Flavour” was purchased by collectors TheArchitech for 515 ETH. The majority of the proceeds will be distributed to the artists under his banner. This new distribution of funds will allow the artists to create on a financially free basis.

    Oficinas TK is the founder and core sponsor of Thoreau Blockchain Center for the Arts (TCBA), a metadata-based art curation project. An organization dedicated to promoting and showcasing emerging artistic talent, TCBA’s main base of operations is located at CryptoVoxels.

    “I had to sacrifice a work that would produce a meaningful eth to be distributed among artists ……,” “…… but many of the artists I chose for this series are ‘underdogs’ whose greatness has not been recognized by the general audience,” TK said in correspondence with NFT Plazas in correspondence.

    In a show of good manners, TK contacted X-_COPY for approval to sell and shared his plans for the money, earning himself the title of the nicest man on the block.

    To end with TK’s own mantra.” We can all do better.”

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