• Tokyo Fashion Brand AMBUSH® Release NFTs and Their Own Metaverse

  • ‘AMBUSH,’ a fashion brand based in Tokyo, has entered the Web3 space determined to elevate interaction with their audience. Released in February, AMBUSH revives its iconic POW jewelry collection in the form of NFTs. Each piece will grant the owner access to their upcoming metaverse launch next week on Monday.

    AMBUSH® Metaverse Mission

    AMBUSH began in 2008 as an experimental line of jewelry that seemed to capture the distinct aesthetic culture of Tokyo. Founded by Verbal & Yoon, AMBUSH’s unique approach to style resulted in collaborations with top designer brands, including Louis Vuitton. The POW Reboot is a limited collection of 2,022, with 42 having unique ambient backgrounds.

    Holders of an ambiance ring receive early access to the upcoming treasure hunt inside the SILVER FCTRY on the 18th. The treasure hunt will include a supply of 99 ‘Glow In The Dark’ NFT rings to allow the holders to redeem exclusive merch. The newly acquired rings will also give holders access to additional features in future drops. Each GITD ring will cost 0.5 ETH and are available exclusively to ring holders inside the SILVER FCTRY after 10 a.m JST while supplies last. At this time, the SILVER FCTRY metaverse is set to open on the 14th. The SILVER FCTRY will feature four rooms for the community to connect and discover the world in a virtual spaceship.

    In addition to supplying access to the AMBUSH® metaverse, each NFT will grant holders exclusive entry to physical and online events. The use of digital assets inside big brands has increased over the years leading to further implementation from the current market.

    ‘Pow! rings are the genesis of our brand. They became our design language and stand for more than just a ring. As we enter this new dimension, bringing back the first item we ever made makes perfect sense, to kick off and connect to what is to come later in the metaverse we are building.” – Yoon Ahn

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