• Tolkien’s NFT is out, but without the blessing of The Lord of the Rings author’s family

  • On August 6 this year, JRR tokens were released as a cryptocurrency project. However, many people confused them with Tolkien NFTs. In fact, the very next day, the Tolkien estate also filed a complaint about the matter.

    JRR tokens and the rift over Tolkien NFTs

    It looks like the JRR token was inspired by The Lord of the Rings, specifically from the tagine “One token to rule them all”. That’s not all, the project made a website depicting rolling hills and Tolkien-style images of wizards. In addition, promotional videos of the film’s cast and hobbits were placed on the site.

    The website guarantees a financial project called Tokenomics. More details of the project, such as the white paper and website details are also themed on LOTR (Lord of the Rings).

    In addition, the project has a website called “thetokenofpower.com”. However, the content of both of the aforementioned websites looks similar. Surprisingly, neither site contains information about the tokens.

    What is the controversy?

    Just after the launch of the JRR token, the Tolkien estate filed a formal complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

    Basically, the Tolkien Estate is a legal body that manages the copyright of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the famous Lord of the Rings book series.

    Talking about the complaint, the estate claims that the project website “jrrtoken.com” infringes their trademark. In addition, they provided a detailed report on how the site violates copyright.

    Although, the token attorney argued in defense, adding that JRR Tokens and JRR Tolkien should not be confused because the letters “L” and “I” in “Tolkien” do not exist. Also, “the pronunciation of these two letters is different.”

    Not surprisingly, WIPO was not convinced and called all of JRR Tokens’ arguments “parodies”. According to WIPO, the domain name violates copyright laws. Apparently, Token’s social media accounts also fall under copyright law, and the Tolkien estate is working to remove all of its infringing content.

    What about the NFTs?

    Even after the legal battle, many of JRR’s tokens are available as a pool at OpenSea. Interestingly, these tokens were uploaded on August 31, the day they responded to the WIPO, and then transferred to another account.

    For now, NFTs continue to live on at OpenSea. Although, the Tolkien estate is still aware of their existence. Therefore, since Token NFTs cannot refute WIPO’s orders, anything can happen.

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