• Tommie SmithNFT Collection, Passing the Baton, Advocating for Social Justice

  • Artist Glenn Kaino and Olympian Tommie Smith started the Pass the Baton NFT project to support NGOs and activists.In total, the NFT collection includes 7,872 NFTs designed as iconic bats.UNOPND Studios and Hashed are among the major contributors providing support for the project.

    The project will launch on the baton.art website in December, with each NFT automatically initiating a donation. These donations will be donated to the nonprofit after each NFT stick transfer.

    After a donation threshold is reached, the baton will have a special feature. The focus is then on encouraging the audience and literally “passing” the baton.

    It is worth highlighting the many influential celebrities who will join the cause. Those taking part include Gmoney, Jeffrey Zirlin, Jimmy McNelis. other activists helping out are John Legend, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin Foundation , Jesse William.

    Glenn Kaino and Tommie Smith’s NFTs on Social Justice

    For years, Kaino and Smith have been deeply involved in social rights issues. First, Smith started the movement through his peaceful protests at the Olympics. For another, he has long celebrated historic victories for social justice.

    Their first contributor, Pace Gallery, represents their mission. In particular, they have a community of leading artists. Meanwhile, UNOPND will explore the project through video games.

    Finally, their last contributor, Hashed, is one of the largest blockchain projects in Asia. The investment firm focuses on community building, support and their portfolio of companies.

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