• Topps to launch new MLB Inception NFTs

  • Longtime purveyor of sports-themed trading cards, Topps, is about to introduce a new series to the world. As such, the “Inception” series will feature some of baseball’s most promising up-and-coming stars.

    The cards themselves will include dynamic animations of special baseball games, facsimile autographs and relic content. In addition, the main theme of the series is the game’s up-and-coming talent. As such, the best rookie players will adorn the NFTs, offering collectors a chance to own cards before players meteorically rise to superstardom.

    After moving away from the Wax Blockchain, Inception is the first baseball series since migrating to the Avalanche network. According to Topps execs, the new platform offers faster processing times, a more user-friendly interface and eco-friendly transactions. In addition, the Avalanche system negates the need for specialized wallets and payment tokens.

    According to the source, MLB will end their 74-year relationship with Topps in 2025. This, then, could add a layer of scarcity to Topps’ baseball collection. However, Topps is cultivating relationships with potentially more lucrative football and Formula 1 industries to make up for this shortfall. For example, Topps recently signed an exclusive agreement with the German Football League to produce a line of football-themed trading card NFTs.

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