• TR Labs to Launch NFTs Inspired by Kai-Fu Lee and Qiu-Fan Chen’s Book “Artificial Intelligence 2041

  • A statement from TR Labs said that the art of unforgeable tokens inspired by Kai-Fu Lee and Qiu-Fan Chen’s new book, AI 2041: Ten Visions For Our Future, will be released by TR Labs, the NFT platform.

    The collaboration is “one of the first cross-media projects between authors and artists representing two promising emerging technologies. It is the first cross-media project between an author and an artist representing two promising emerging technologies: artificial intelligence and blockchain,” the statement said.

    TR Labs, founded by former Christie’s vice-president Cynley Cohen, is an NFT platform for fine art. In August, it auctioned off an original artwork by renowned Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang for $2.5 million.

    AI 2041 is a collection of 10 stories about how artificial intelligence could change the world in the next 20 years.

    Five artists have been chosen to interpret these stories. 3-D artist Alex Ness, who has worked with Lil Nas X, Travis Scott and Diplo; graphic designer Ash Thorp, whose work has appeared in Ender’s Game, Assassin’s Creed and Ghostbusters; and artists Brendan Dawes, who focus on machines and artificial intelligence, Joshua Davis and Refik Anadol.

    TR Labs says more artists will be announced in the future.

    Formerly president of Google China, Li Kaifu is one of the most talked-about figures in China’s tech industry. His venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures has invested in some of China’s best-known startups, including artificial intelligence giant Megvii, cryptocurrency miner Bitmain and drone maker XAG.His 2018 book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order was a New York Times bestseller.

    Chen, an award-winning Chinese science fiction writer, said that “technology will further blur the boundaries of different forms of creativity” and open up “new realms of infinite imagination and creativity.”

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