• TreasureDAO To Re-Open NFT Marketplace After Their Exploit

  • Collectors can finally enjoy the TreasureDAO NFT marketplace again! The NFT marketplace had been temporarily disabled after a critical exploit on March 3rd.

    The largest NFT marketplace on Arbitrum had all of its NFTs stolen during the hacking incident. However, the platform allegedly recovered the digital assets – and now it’s ready to go live.

    TreasureDAO NFT marketplace returns after a critical exploit

    On March 3rd, the TreasureDAO NFT marketplace took a hard hit due to a critical exploit. The incident resulted in stolen NFTs, forcing owners to disable the platform temporarily.

    “The Treasure Marketplace has currently been disabled as we’re patching a critical exploit. Your NFTs are safe,” a message on the TreasureDAO website wrote.

    Luckily, the team soon recovered the stolen digital assets, much to collectors’ delight. Nevertheless, the website remained disabled to “ensure we can relaunch with confidence,” as project admins said in a tweet.

    On March 11th, The TreasureDAO NFT marketplace confirmed the re-launch date on social media.

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