• Treeverse’s value soars to a staggering $25 million

  • The highly anticipated blockchain MMORPG, Treeverse, has revealed the results of its latest funding round. The team behind the project raised an impressive $25 million thanks to the backing of a number of investment firms.

    Leading the latest seed round were research and design firm IDEO CoLab and blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brands. along with several other notable players who played a part in it. With the funding, Treeverse can now move forward with its blockchain gaming vision.

    The game itself has recently garnered a lot of attention with its latest gameplay spike. Gone are the early concept animations that displayed two-dimensional, heavily pixelated graphics. In its place are crisp 3D visuals and smooth movement and gameplay. As a result, the general reaction from influencers in the blockchain gaming movement has been one of genuine awe. As a result, expectations have reached a fever pitch.

    Treeverse is the brainchild of NFT influencer Loopify, an MMORPG with a large set of NFT integrations and land ownership mechanics. Back in August, it conducted its first land sale, successfully selling 10,420 plots for around $520 each. However, just two months later, the reserve price for these same parcels exceeded $9,000. As such, these founder’s parcels represent some of the most valuable assets in the game.

    According to the latest prophets residing in the blockchain gaming space, these early adopters will be the kings of the new digital universe.

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