• Tribe X Female Avatar NFTs Celebrate Women Diversity With a New Ecosystem

  • Coming from a post-apocalyptic future, the Tribe X female avatar NFTs are ready to conquer the metaverse. These powerful characters are celebrating women’s diversity while creating a fascinating, valuable ecosystem.

    From augmented reality to a brand new utility token, we’ll give you an insight into this impressive soon-to-be-launched project.

    What is the Tribe X Empire?

    Basically, the Tribe X collection consists of 11,111 3D avatar-style NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each digital asset opens the door to a post-apocalyptic world ruled by tribes of powerful, beautiful women.

    Their story begins in 2069 A.S. (After Singularity). Humans are on the verge of extinction after a tragic digital tsunami changed the world forever. Now, the last human survivors must unite to survive under the reign of The Shadow Code, which now controls the universe.

    As a result, the 12 remaining female-led tribes joined forces to create Tribe X. These fearless warriors are ready to create their own Dynasty – including an Ecosystem, the Tribe X DAO, a utility token, and more!

    Of course, there’s more to this project than its storyline. In essence, the Tribe X NFTs pay homage to all women in real life, so let’s find out more about the admins’ vision.

    Celebrating female diversity and strength

    The 11,111 randomly generated Tribe X NFTs feature a wide range of skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories – just like real-life women do. Obviously, this collection was inspired by female independence, ambition, and beauty.

    “As founders, and investors, we knew starting an NFT collection with women would be against the grain, even so, we decided to enter the metaverse with a collection showcasing BIPOC women,” project admins explain.

    Without a doubt, the Tribe X digital assets reflect the natural beauty reflected by every powerful woman in real life. But there’s more to it.

    Not only are Tribe X high-quality digital artworks, but they also provide utility within the metaverse – so let’s find out more.

    About the Tribe X Ecosystem

    Accordingly, these evolved ape NFTs will open the door to the upcoming Tribe X Ecosystem. There, holders can become an important part of the Tribe X DAO. Notably, the team will also develop an exclusive utility token called $TRIBEXFIRE for a strong, valuable community.

    In order to grow that virtual community, project admins will also launch a limited collection of male avatar NFTs for tribe expansion.

    Once you become an NFT holder, you’ll get plenty of additional perks too, such as:

    fractionalized ownership over blue-chip NFTs;
    co-ownership of the upcoming Tribe X Agency;
    co-ownership of valuable land in the Metaverse.

    The project roadmap also includes plans for augmented reality, merch, and even real-world events too! In summary, the Tribe X NFT collection is a clever combination between high-quality artwork and utility in the metaverse.

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