• TRON’s Tpunk #2555 sold for 5,555 TRX, about $57,000+

  • Tpunk #2555 sold for 5,555 TRX.

    This equates to $57,305.498 in sales.

    TRON is restoring the glory days of NFTs with Tpunks.

    The Non-Counterfeitable Token (NFT), Tpunk #2555, has just found its owner for 55,555 TRX. This equates to a total of approximately $57,305.498. The announcement was made in the form of a tweet in the Tpunks Marketplace Feed.

    The tweet confirmed the sale of Tpunk NFT #2555. The asset in question features a CryptoPunk type pixelated character design. This one, in particular, is a female character with wild hair and wearing VR gear.

    Tpunks are a concept native to the TRON blockchain. In fact, they are the first NFT on the TRON blockchain.To date, Tpunks has about 10,000 unique collectible characters. Specifically, it has 9 Aliens, 11 Justins, 24 Apes, and 88 Zombies.

    The current Tpunks NFT collectibles project is the first to take place on the TRON blockchain. It is a tribute to the original CryptoPunks wave that happened in the NFT space not too long ago.

    TRON is giving its users and other cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts a chance to revisit the first wave of CryptoPunks NFTs. On the one hand, it will give them a chance to own a similar style NFT. on the other hand, it gives them a chance to be part of TRON’s new milestone.

    In particular, the Tpunks are TRC721 models that will revolutionize TRON’s NFT mint. In addition, all Tpunks are randomly minted. This creates a unique type of hype that increases FOMO. therefore, driving more interest in Tpunks bids.

    Finally, the description and attributes of each Tpunks are displayed on a fortune cookie design. It is these attributes that make Tpunk NFTs rare. Some are very rare indeed. This project aims to show the crypto world that TRON’s Tpunks can be much cooler and more exciting than the original CryptoPunks series.

    For interested parties, Tpunks will be available on FansForever and Uswap. Here, bidding can begin and the winner can take home their very own Tpunk.

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