• Twitter to add NFT authentication and tipping features to its toolkit

  • Jack Dorsey’s social media giant Twitter reportedly continues its flirtation with the non-windy world by including NFT authentication. As a result, this upcoming update will include verification to protect the owner’s intellectual property.

    To protect digital assets, the respected conversational social media platform will integrate an NFT authentication protocol. Its inclusions and extents are under wraps, but it is understood that it will provide verification checks against digital media ownership.

    This is currently most notable in the rise of NFT avatars, which have seen massive growth in 2021 and have been plagued by ownership infringement as a result. This all happened when Twitter released their own NFT series to test the waters across the industry. Thus, further emphasizing their intent to embrace NFT in all its glory.

    The announcement comes after Twitter revealed that it will allow tipping in Bitcoin on the platform. The update will allow creators to further monetize their accounts. This addition is immediately available for members using IOS, with other operating systems to follow later. As a result, Twitter members can now link third-party tipping services to their accounts, which now support Bitcoin and Lightning Network addresses.

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