• UFO Games Announces Partnership with Chainlink

  • UFO Gaming, the decentralized gaming platform that connects traditional gaming to the blockchain, announced today that they will be the official technology sponsor of the Chainlink 2021 Fall Hackathon. The company joins other market leaders such as Google Cloud, EWI, Filecoin and Polygon as partners in the five-week industry-shaping event from October 22 to November 28, 2021.

    The annual Chainlink Fall Hackathon is open to developers, creators and artists. The event will include educational workshops with world-class judges and renowned industry experts covering top protocols and blockchains, including Solana, Ethereum and more. Speakers include Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink, Austin Griffith, builder of the Ether Foundation, and UFoger, CEO of UFO Gaming, as well as other industry veterans.

    The event will be divided into two distinct tracks. The “Welcome Track” is designed for hackathon newbies or beginners and will be more “relaxed” and include plenty of educational material. The ‘Main Track’ will include more advanced tasks and will be more competitive. This year’s event will have over $500,000 in prizes.

    UFO Games will be sponsoring their own 3 prizes for teams with imaginative and smart projects that integrate $UFO tokens into their ecosystem. The first place winner will receive $30,000 and creative freedom to flesh out a P2E project that will allow them to create their own tokens and join the Dark Metagame Circle. Second and third place teams will receive $12,500 and $5,000 respectively.

    Potential integration to the UFO ecosystem could include a fully integrated system from tournament hosting to NFT models. Participants will be required to have their own logic as well as participate in the P2E economy, although they may choose to integrate their local tokens with $UFO.UFO Games offers complete creative freedom in the process, taking a more consultative stance in the integration into the ecosystem.

    In becoming a technical sponsor of the Chainlink hackathon, UFO Gaming demonstrates dedication and commitment in helping to support and build the next generation of developers, creators and artists across the blockchain ecosystem. The partnership is also designed to give immediate access to UFO Gaming’s platform to up-and-coming developers who recognize the immense potential of GameFi and want to usher in a new era of opportunity for gamers.

    “The Chainlink hackathon will introduce us to high-level developers, game companies and games in development that we will eventually incorporate into the UFO ecosystem. This is a great opportunity for us to find potential talent” – Comment by UFoger, founder of UFO Gaming

    About UFO Games, Inc.

    UFO Gaming is an independent gaming company that develops blockchain games in an ever-expanding ecosystem. Players come together to create their own tribes, own and trade virtual land, and earn NFT and cryptocurrency, all in the dark Metaverse.

    UFO Gaming seeks to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional mobile and PC gaming, offering players unprecedented opportunities in the P2E space.The Dark Metaverse is a closed-loop ecosystem that will consist of P2E games with in-game NFTs that allow users to earn revenue. By leveraging the decentralized mechanics of the blockchain, the game will allow any player to monetize, creating a new model for community-driven P2E projects.

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