• UniCask Whiskey NFTs Partners with P2E Gaming Guild YGG

  • Tokyo-based UniCask, which offers whiskey barrel NFTs, has announced a partnership with P2E gaming guild YGG. Through this, 20 lucky YGG Founders Coin holders will receive UniCask’s DC (Digital Card) NFT.In addition, 10 of the winners will be added to a whitelist to purchase UniCask’s Cask NFT.This partnership comes ahead of the platform’s Genesis NFT drop on December 15.

    The YGG Founders Coin is a limited edition NFT that rewards the guild’s earliest backers. In addition, holders can enjoy some benefits such as discounts on NFT purchases, token airdrops, reward multipliers, and more. On the other hand, UniCask aims to democratize whiskey ownership. To facilitate this, it offers partial shares of Scotch whisky casks through NFT tokens. Collectors can trade these tokens and exchange them for whisky in the future.

    All about Genesis Drop

    UniCask has chosen a whisky from Springbank, one of the world’s most respected single malt Scotch whisky distilleries, for its Genesis release.On December 15, UniCask will drop Genesis Cask NFT from a 1991 vintage cask from Springbank, located on the Kintyre Peninsula in Campbeltown.

    “Since its inception in 1828, Springbank’s single malt whiskies have been loved by whisky connoisseurs,” the company said in a press release.” The distillery is located less than a few hundred metres from the Firth of Clyde, which is said to bring a savoury flavour to the whisky during maturation, making Springbank a complex single malt with a rich flavour profile.”

    The Hogshead cask has a capacity of 250 litres. In addition, the whisky has an alcohol percentage of 56.40%.

    As mentioned earlier, UniCask’s focus is on splitting whisky ownership using NFTs. This is significant because it allows users to purchase costly casks at an affordable price. In addition, single cask deals have traditionally catered to the wealthy and connected collectors.

    “Trading spirits in barrels (where the value of spirits increases as a vintage item) has been limited to small communities,” the company is quoted as saying. This includes distillery acquaintances or those in the spirits business, making it “extremely difficult or nearly impossible for the average collector and amateur to participate.”

    UniCask: collecting whiskey NFT, playing games

    UniCask isn’t the first to release whiskey NFTs. In fact, just last month, a Metacask NFT of 1991 Macallan Whiskey sold for an all-time price of $2.3 million. However, UniCask is offering more than just whiskey NFTs.

    The whiskey NFTs come with digital cards featuring different characters. Users can collect these cards and play games on UniCask. In addition, the winner of the game will receive some rewards, including whiskey samples from the barrels linked to the NFTs! Also, users can trade digital card NFTs with others in the UniCask community.

    However, the company has not yet announced the rules and distribution of the cards. If you hold the YGG Founding Coin, you have a chance to win DC NFTs.

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