• UniX Gaming Guild Expands Into Game Development With Studio Launch

  • The popular NFT gaming guild UniX Gaming has embarked on an ecosystem expansion with the launch of its official video game development studio. The newly launched UniX Gaming Studios is already working on bringing the guild’s first ever play-to-earn video game to life, and while it isn’t releasing any details yet it’s sure to be a big hit, being one of the first games of its kind to be developed using the Unreal Engine platform.

    UniX Gaming Studios has a lot of pedigree in using Unreal Engine, which provides powerful real-time 3-D creation tools for games developers. Its team, led by CTO Damir, is said to be widely renowned in the industry as “problem solvers” on the latest version, Unreal Engine 5, helping the wider developer community to bring to life their ideas with highly immersive, cutting edge graphics and expansive virtual worlds.

    Damir himself previously worked on notable titles such as Bygone Dreams, Castle Kong, Knights Ascendent, Path of Titans and Ragtag Adventurers. He leads a team of more than 20 developers, all of whom are based in Europe.

    The launch of UniX Gaming Studios is just the latest expansion for UniX Gaming, which began life as a simple gaming guild but aims to become one of the biggest hubs in the P2E gaming space. UniX Gaming’s guild sets out to identify the most promising video games players and equip them with everything they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of NFT gaming. Not only does it provide training and educational content. The best players are offered full scholarships, enabling them to borrow the NFTs required to access the best known P2E games and start winning real-life rewards that they share with the guild.

    UniX has already expanded in other ways. Earlier this year it launched an official launchpad, providing developers of P2E games a way to secure funding, in return for early access for its members. UniX has also partnered with The Sandbox, one of the world’s leading metaverse platforms, buying up virtual real estate that it intends to develop. Eventually it will offer a unique metaverse-based experience while also becoming a metaverse ecosystem builder for other brands, helping them to create their own habitats and games within The Sandbox.

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