• Vancouver NXT Collaboration Space Buns debuted with a unique bonus

  • The out-of-the-world NFT collection created in Vancouver has achieved liftoff.

    The Space Buns, created by Ting co-founder Carson Ting, president of art and design studio, and Alex Beim, founder of Tangible Interaction, announced that it is available at the mint with a unique offering for collectors.

    According to the creators, the release allows buyers to get a customizable vinyl toy as well as one-on-one access with artists to create a custom paint job.

    “From the beginning, we wanted to do more than a regular NFT. Something that took us from 2D to 3D,” Beam explained in an interview with us. “But still we felt that we were a real physical representation of the character. want. As soon as we started 3D printing vinyl figures, we fell in love with them and people started asking if they could get one. It didn’t take long before we concluded that a vinyl toy is a must-have.

    Space Buns tells the story of Beyond the Origins of the Billion Buns that introduced the world to a progressive and highly curious species. The Ting-created NFT collection sold out in 48 seconds after its release.

    Ting shared, “I am extremely excited but equally intimidated by the release of Space Buns.” “Over six months of blood, sweat and tears went into this project from both my studio and Alex’s Tangible studio. To venture into something of this scale without a playbook is truly electrifying. Everything is guided by our own intuition and by my last drop.

    “Funny, although My Billion Buns NFT Drop was launched only eight months ago, the whole Web3 world has changed dramatically.”

    With an initial mint set for 0.077 ETH for the pre-sale listing, 3,600 Space Buns are available for casting, each unique and animated. It will be 0.099 ETH for public sale after 72 hours.

    If a Minter buys two Space Buns, they will receive a limited-edition vinyl toy. Those who purchase 10 or more Space Buns will receive a 30-minute private session where Ting will customize his figure in real-time.

    “We hope to engage with our supporters through activities like customizing their vinyl toys to not only help enhance the community experience, but to foster an inspiring space for both creators and collectors alike,” Ting said. He is working on a Billion Buns TV show as well as a limited production run of Billion Buns Ice Tea with WIZE Tea.

    Beim is also set to explode with space buns for the NFT community.

    “Even though it’s been seven months, the work is so intense that it feels like we’ve been working on this collection for several years,” Beim said. “At Tangible we are all about creating experiences with people not in isolation, so the idea of ​​finally releasing Space Buns to the world is very exciting.

    “We are excited to allow people to be part of a community, get them involved in the project and create new opportunities for collaboration. Ultimately we are thrilled about people who have a piece of art and one in their hands. There’s a shiny shape. There are many plans for vinyl as well, so we’re really curious to see what people will do with them.

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