• Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction drop NFTs on Nifty Gateway

  • The Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction will include its first-ever NFT auction hosted on Nifty Gateway on March 13.

    Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction NFT drop

    The Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction welcomed new guests to a new gallery space at Santa Monica Place. Over the two-week course, hundreds of collectors and artists visited the gallery and sold stunning works.

    Furthermore, the sold artworks included artists such as John Baldessari, Rosson Crow, Ed Moses, Alicia Piller, Brenna Youngblood, and more. The revenue generated will go towards the clinic’s mission of providing quality primary health care for people in need.

    Meanwhile, the event has raised more than $600,000 for the clinic. In brief, the event highlights included a VIP reception on April 21, where long-time supporters could meet artists and collectors.

    On the auction’s closing weekend, there was an afternoon of murals inspired by the sun, sand, surf and sky. In fact, it was a signature to the beachside communities that the Venice Family Clinic serves. Also, participants included iconic Venice muralist Jules Muck, Eric Junker, Alina Carballo, Stephen Carballo, Cloe Hakakian and Gigi Allen.

    Moreover, the gallery has now put the 4′ x 6′ murals for sale. In addition, guests also received a customized Band Of The Free t-shirt by the country’s premier screen printers, Hit+Run.tion

    The Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction includes an NFT auction hosted by Nifty Gateway for the first time. Also, the featured artists include Tomaso Albertini, Bryan Brinkman, Ninocence, Parin Heidari and Waambat. Apart from the NFT auction, the clinic will now begin accepting cryptocurrency donations.

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