• Vine creator builds a virtual console to play NFT games

  • Vine creator Dom Hoffman is developing a blockchain-based virtual gaming platform. He is creating what is being called a “Supdrive” fantasy console that uses NFT technology to run games.

    When it initially launches, Supdrive will be backed by a number of retro-style games. The plan is to release these games as a limited edition, with each version being completely unique. The team will do this through different color palettes, level design and game difficulty. As the project evolves, updated firmware will eventually handle more complex programs. Additionally, the future of Supdrive will eventually see community-created games arrive on the platform.

    In addition, there is further competition within the Supdrive network. As such, all users must choose from one of three teams before playing. With this healthy competition design, users can choose between red, blue and green factions.

    As a virtual console that requires no additional hardware, experts speculate whether Supdrive will eventually be available in metaspace. A fully playable console within Decentraland or CryptoVoxels space? That would be so cool.Supdrive will probably arrive in October. However, there will be a lot of marketing and promotion before launch. And, for those wondering.

    “A fantasy console is like a regular console, but without the inconvenience of actual hardware …. , it’s similar to a retro game emulator, but for a machine that never existed.”

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