• Vine’s creator is developing NFT blockchain video game

  • One of the co-founders of the popular video sharing app Vine has a new project that involves NFT and video games.

    Dom Hofmann (Hofmann) is one of the founders of the formerly popular video sharing app Vine. He is also the creator of Vine’s successor Peach and Byte apps. However, his new project is called Supdrive. according to the creator, it’s a “fantasy game console on a chain”.

    Hoffman created a Discord chat room specifically for this game, in which he answers questions about the new release.

    This game is unique in that it utilizes NFT and will run on virtual firmware. Given that the game will be released as NFT, available copies will be limited. owners of NFT games will have their own color schemes, difficulty settings, and other unique features.

    Supdrive will be community driven. This means that the people involved in the console and NFT will be the ones developing the game. However, Hoffman created the first game for the console, called “Origins”. Currently, these games are “old school arcade style”.

    Meanwhile, Hoffman said the console has a meta-game inspired by Pokémon. Users are divided into red, green and blue teams. The team a person is on may influence the game the user plays – or at least that’s the intent in the future.

    For now, the project is still in the development stage. However, Hoffman expects the release date to be sometime in October. He plans to do community updates “every week or so.”

    NFT use cases are piling up

    As the NFT movement continues to grow in popularity, more innovative and unseen use cases are appearing in the marketplace.

    Use cases are now available in a variety of different forms. Most commonly, NFTs come in the form of unique collectible versions of digital artwork. However, other use cases for NFTs include real estate contracts, royalty services for the music industry, and more.

    Recently, the field has added more big names to the NFT vanguard. BMW launched their first series of NFTs based on iconic models of their vehicles. football superstar Lionel Messi is scheduled to release his first set of NFTs this month.

    Gaming is a huge way for outsiders to interact with the decentralized space. As the NFT niche continues to expand, games like Supdrive will become one of many.

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