• Vitalik Buterin Revealed as Top 10 Holder of Moon Rabbit’s AAA Coin

  • A recent search on Etherscan revealed that Ether founder Vitalik Buterin is now a top 10 holder of the Moon Rabbit (AAA) cryptocurrency. This isn’t just a big deal – it’s a huge endorsement.Vitalik Buterin’s move in the market is being analyzed by millions of cryptocurrency holders who are betting big on tokens that are favored by major players like Vitalik Buterin.

    In 2016, he purchased a large chunk of Dogecoin ($DOGE) and at one point was the top holder of Shiba ($SHIB). It’s no surprise, then, that his recent acquisition of $AAA has created a wave of excitement and speculation about what heights Moon Rabbit can reach. However, this isn’t the first time a celebrity or thought leader has taken a shot at $AAA. And, unlike all other commemorative coins, Moon Rabbit has a live mainnet running the Web3 infrastructure and has delegated proofs of interest at the bottom, which is a more scalable framework than ethereum. Those looking for the future of cryptocurrencies, rather than memes that have no real use, are starting to look at the fundamentals, and Moon Rabbit shines in that regard.

    More celebrities are taking notice of $AAA

    Vitalik Buterin’s purchase of Moon Rabbit is just the latest in a string of celebrities joining the mighty Moon Rabbit army. Some Hollywood stars and major influencers have taken to Twitter to let their followers know that they too are “filling their bags” with what they believe is the next big thing in cryptocurrency. The likes of Skid Row frontman and Dogecoin army leader Sebastian Bach, pro wrestling champion Finn Balor, Hollywood star Brian Cox (X-Men, Succession), Crypto Bitlord and many others have expressed their support for Moon Rabbit, not to mention a rather explicitly rabbit-like tweet – leading many to believe that $AAA could easily overtake cryptocurrency giants Shiba and Doge.

    What is Moon Rabbit?

    At first glance, Moon Rabbit appears to be just another meme. And while founder Angel Versetti is the creator of the Dogecoin Foundation (doge.org), which is leading the revival of Dogecoin in 2020-2021, it may look like the next big meme.

    In reality, Angel wants memes to make sense. What if you took a memorable symbol that people could relate to and added a groundbreaking technological framework to it? That’s Moon Rabbit, the world’s first meta-chain – a Web3 infrastructure that connects all blockchains and cryptocurrencies under one meta-protocol. It runs on Substrate and shares the same core as Polkadot, allowing the development of specialized blockchains with no restrictions on scalability.

    Moon Rabbit’s earliest applications include a commission-free NFT marketplace and cross-chain portfolio capabilities. Several standalone DEXs, most notably Rabbitex and RabbitSwap, have sprung up on that infrastructure.Moon Rabbit is now also building its own meta-universe with Rad Rabbits.With the full integration of EVM, the Ethernet Virtual Machine, and Moon Rabbit, any smart contract-powered application can now be easily easily ported over without the prohibitive gas costs on Ether.

    The future of the Bunnyverse is bright

    With the meta-universe becoming the next big narrative, Moon Rabbit is becoming a serious contender with the launch of its own prolific bunny universe.Rad Rabbits has combined NFT with GameFi to create a massive interactive game-making world, and the initial collection of Rad Rabbits NFT will be available exclusively to AAA$ holders. Higher network throughput unleashes the enormous potential of Bunnyverse to grow into a meta-game cluster.The Moon Rabbit network will host multiplayer games running in parallel, rather than focusing on just one game.An unlimited number of in-game artifacts will be cast as NFTs, and Metachain’s cross-chain interoperability becomes the key to allowing NFTs and in-game items and achievements to travel from one world to another, the key to allowing NFTs and in-game items and achievements to traverse from one world to another.

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