• Vivian Chen plays with the meta-universe NFT, plans to launch a virtual concert illustration exhibition

  • In recent years, the entertainment industry has emerged to invest in NFT and the development of meta-universe, singer-artist Vivian Chen recently also heart depressed, plans to launch in the meta-universe “aol hub life art museum” in the virtual world, operating their own exclusive space, leisure time to invite friends in this meta-universe home to play music, but also to invite fans to participate in this Vivian said, “In reality, to create their own dream house should be very expensive, geographically and will be limited to family, friends, fans around the visit, but the virtual world can help me solve the problem at once, to achieve the wish.”

    As a native of Macau, Vivian Chan feels the impact of the epidemic in this region. Like the fifth wave of the epidemic, she originally came to Hong Kong in early February to work with the shooting, basically because the team has been infected one after another was forced to stop, the work of the new song because of the severe epidemic to postpone, but also because of the restrictions on gathering measures, no family in Hong Kong, she also can not meet with friends, Vivian reluctantly said: “I believe the epidemic will definitely improve, but unfortunately by then I should be back to Macau to participate in the musical I’m sure the epidemic will improve, but it’s a pity I have to return to Macau to participate in the musical, release the travel album “Wave” and hold a concert.

    This time Vivian through their own production of NFT, so that their illustrations, music works can be shown in the meta-universe, in the virtual world to build their own exclusive space: “always wanted to engage in a concert with sunlight, tree shadows, aol hub and the convergence of different artists, from time to time to hold exhibitions, learning, parties, can make their own body and soul to soothe and grow, and at the same time can meet the wishes. At the same time, it can satisfy my wish.”

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